Friday, September 30, 2011

GooGLe GRaMs

Brad is a big blabber mouth. Jen is fine. Brad who? Jen has a hot new man. Jen is drinking water instead of wine. Baby Jen coming right up! Justin is so easily bored. Jessica is hot but lacks charisma. Where is the glue? Is it okay for Suri to wear bright red lipstick? 91% people on the street say NO. Beyonce is getting on my last goddamn nerve, being so hot and rich and talented and happy and down home fine. Beyonce will be more appealing when she loses a leg or is badly burned or starts sucking on the stage. This mean spirit prevails. Some people are happy to see their fellow humans shine shine SHINE but my eyeballs are breaking. The medication is not working. A pet giraffe might help.

A Girl Can Get So Gosh Darn Confused

Expired Nickel Valentine...snatch it up

I've got a lot of poetry collections out there. I am most proud of Expired Nickel Valentine. Read the reviews, buy it, devour it, be dazzled. Grazi.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a Nightmare She Has Turned Out To Be!

Stroke my ego.
Stroke it, I say!
Stroke it like a kitty cat!
Make it purr.
Stroke it like a cross-eyed chimpanzee.
Calm it down.
My ego is mewling scratching
shitting all over the award-winning furniture.
It must be stopped and soon.
Food and comfort are in short supply.
I'm feeling rather tangent berry.
Talk about poison!
As for the asshole...yes! Never
enough sunshine blown there.
Scorch the hairs off, would ya, boo?
I'm calling in all favors.
Universe done me wrong one time too many,
plenty of heartache to go around,
every dog has her day,
every cloud is lined in mink,
I am thinking of a number.
Lucky you.
It's yours.