Friday, May 13, 2011

I Am Not That

jovial loud rednecks partyin' in the front yard
next door
blastin' shitty country music
the new stuff
all gutless bravado
too much music
not enough voice
it's Friday night in Kerens, Texas
I am alone at the altar
taking notes

..."I was tryin' to be nice," she says
..."what the hell will it take to make you happy?" he asks

(the eternal question)

if drunken pussy eating and cheap beer
won't do
the trick
boy, your ass is up shit creek
without the
proverbial paddle

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

good aching god

Bruce & Jessica, The Flirtatious Cheerleader Twin

Bruce's mouth felt so good on Jessica's neck and shoulders and pretty puckered up pink nipples. She shivered and grabbed Bruce's wet black hair. She wrapped her long tanned waxed legs around Bruce's hips. Jessica ground her cunt against Bruce's erection. Bruce groaned.
"Are you a fucking cock tease, Jessica Wakefield?" Bruce asked in his husky rich boy voice.
"You know I'm a virgin, Bruce Patman, richest guy in town, driver of Van Halen blasting shiny black Porsche. You know I've kissed most of the football players at Sweet Valley High and a couple of the chess club nerds. But you are making my virgin pussy purr soooo wicked sweet. You can, like, totally devirginize me right now if you want," Jessica murmured in her tantalizing head cheerleader perfect size six voice.
"Well, I love to hear that, baby, but I must warn you. It is going to hurt like a motherfucker. We should go someplace more secluded. I don't want the gang to hear you yelling."
"Take me to Enrique's Motor Lodge!"
"Oh, Jessica. You will remember this night for the rest of your life."

And she sure enough did.

Fantasy Ranch Circa Early 1996

He wasn't going to pay the measly twenty bucks for a lap dance. That much was goddamn crystal clear. But she had no hustle, no self-esteem, so she stayed at the table and let him make her feel like refried shit.
"That girl is gorgeous," he said in a thick Russian accent. He was staring at the big blond on the main stage. She looked really fucking healthy and self-possessed.
"Yes. I'd fuck her," the girl with short black hair said.
"But I have the penis. I'm the man."
"Yes. You have the penis. You are the man. You would fuck her. I would watch in agonizing envy."
"You know, in my country they kill women like you."
She laughed and sipped her glass of pinot grigio. He stared at her with freezer burn eyes. She silently berated herself for dropping out of college. This was not her game.